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Join us over the summer as we dig into the some of the ways Field Connect can provide benefit to you as a grower. We will walk through installation, making data driven decisions and removal.

What is Field Connect?

Field Connect uses field-installed probes to monitor moisture levels at various depths. It then sends the information to a web-based interface where you can see the data on your computer or mobile device, so you can make timely irrigation decisions from anywhere.

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The First Install-ment

Sensors & Attachments

Installation Process

Field Connect Website Navigation 101

What's Going On In Your Soil

The First Install-ment of the John Deere Field Connectâ„¢ Blog!

When most people think of John Deere, they think of machinery or lawnmowers, but John Deere has been in the water management business for over 6 years now. After years of research and development, John Deere Field Connect was released last year, world-wide. As a John Deere FarmSightâ„¢ phase 3 dealer, we at C & B Operations, LLC have the opportunity to sell these units at all of our locations. Since John Deere Field Connect is a new product, we will be taking this summer to showcase some of the benefits and key features of the unit.

We have installed 7 Field Connect units across the entire region of C & B Operations, including the states of Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

One of the great things about having these units on demo for the summer is you can log into the account at www.myjohndeere.com to view real data coming from our units. All you need to do is go click on the link at the top of the page and enter the follow credentials:

user id: openuser

password: fieldconnect2014

Throughout the summer, I will be updating the blog regularly with the many different water management topics and how they can benefit both irrigated and dryland operations. We will also help interpret the information of the website and update you with what the agronomists are saying about these locations.

First off, let me explain some of the basics on what John Deere Field Connect entails. The Field Connect system consists of a moisture probe, environmental sensors, and a gateway which records and sends data to the Field Connect website. Knowing where the moisture is in your soil is important. With our Field Connect Units, we are setting out to replace the shovel and take the guesswork out of knowing how much moisture is in your field. Our units use field-installed moisture probes to monitor the moisture levels in your soil. The unit then takes the readings measured and sends the data to the profile it is connected to at myjohndeere.com. You then can log onto your account via your home computer or mobile device, allowing you to make timely decisions based on your field exact information. Without delay or guesswork, you can make the call to apply more or less water to protect your yields and reduce costs. With your soil moisture levels balanced, your crops are able to effectively absorb fertilizers and pesticides, promoting higher yields and improved crop quality.

Along with the moisture probes, we have also placed other various sensors on our demo units to help aid in the measurement of environmental factors in the field. These other sensors include a weather station, pyranometer, rain gauge, EC Sensor, temperature sensor, and leaf wetness sensor. With these sensors we can monitor and record rainfall and irrigation events, water-use rates, and other environmental factors. These sensors will be covered more in depth in an upcoming blog. The Field Connect unit can be utilized in a wide variety of different plant types ranging from deep root systems like orchards, to shallow root systems such as small grains, fruits, and vegetables. The crop types that we have units installed in for our summer demo include potatoes, sugar beets, and corn. To fully utilize the information gathered by the John Deere Field Connect system, we will be working with Complete Agronomy in our South Dakota and Minnesota locations, and Simplot in our Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming locations. Throughout the summer, they will be helping watch the data online and assisting customers with making the best decisions for their operations at the appropriate times.

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