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Company History

about us

C & B Operations, LLC daily strives to be the: dealer of choice for our customers; the employer of choice for our team members, and the investment of choice for our stakeholders.  We understand the importance of providing the greatest value possible to each group (customers, employees, and stakeholders) and, by doing so, ensure the long-term viability and highest productivity for all.

C & B Operations, LLC owns and operates twenty-nine John Deere dealerships throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.  Because of the diversity of the agricultural businesses and communities we serve, C & B Operations, LLC offers our customers one of the largest and most diverse selections of inventory (new and used equipment, parts, and accessories) of any John Deere dealer.  In addition, our technicians and parts professionals have a unique network of highly skilled and educated professionals to support them in finding the right solution for our customers. 

C & B Operations, LLC currently employs over 600 team members, offers a competitive benefits package, and is structured to offer a variety of career advancement opportunities.  For more information on employment opportunities please visit the Employment Opportunities section of our website.  We also offer competitive tuition assistance for those potential team members who are actively pursuing a degree in diesel tech, agricultural tech, agricultural management, or agricultural technology.  For more information on our tuition assistance programs, please contact your local C & B Operations, LLC’s store (contact information within the Store Location section of our website.)


C & B Operations, LLC began in 1988 when Dan Cronin and Rod Burwell purchased the John Deere store in Gettysburg, SD in an effort to maintain a dealer in Dan’s hometown.  At that time, Dan Cronin and his family had owned and operated a farm and ranch--established in 1909-- and he (Dan) understood the importance of keeping key businesses alive to ensure the long-term sustainability of the community.  Unfortunately, eleven years later Dan Cronin passed away.  In 1999, Dan’s son Matt took the role of President for C & B Operations, LLC.  Rod Burwell, a childhood friend of Dan Cronin in Gettysburg, SD, started as and remains today the Chairman of C & B Operations, LLC.  Rod owns several additional successful business and serves or served on the board of several business, universities, and non-for-profit organizations.  Both owners strongly believe that C & B Operations, LLC is an extension of their family and, as a result, believe that honest, ethical, moral, and legally correct business practices have served them well in the past and will continue to do so long into the future.

Vision Statement

Become a Dealer of Tomorrow, an undisputed leader in the market areas we support.

A Dealer of Tomorrow is one that is visionary, uses leading –edge management and marketing practices, and mobilizes people to earn the highest degree of loyalty from generations of customers.  It achieves profitable growth and market leadership by continuously improving employee development, customer focus, and community involvement.

Mission Statement

To exceed customers’ expectations by providing the highest quality products, services, and aftermarket support.  To create an environment that provides all of our employees the opportunity to grow and contribute to the long term success of our business. 
To continually focus on sound business management in order to insure our continued presence in rural America for our customers and communities in which they live. 

C & B Operations Regional Location Information:

South Dakota North Region:
C & B Operations, LLC was formed in 1988 with the purchase of a John Deere farm equipment dealership in Gettysburg, SD.  The Gettysburg, SD location operates as Potter County Implement and serves as the headquarters for the South Dakota North Region and C & B Operations, LLC.  There are 3 other locations within the South Dakota North Region: Selby (operates as Walworth County Implement), Miller (operates as Greenline Implement of Hand County), and Roscoe (operates as Edmunds County Implement.)

South Dakota South Region:
The South Dakota South Region was purchased in 2011 from Fred Haar Company, Inc; which was South Dakota’s oldest business and was established in 1882.  The 3 locations within the South Dakota South Region are:  Freeman, SD (operating as Fred Haar Company Inc. – Freeman and is the regional headquarters); Wagner, SD (operating as Fred Haar Company, Inc. – Wagner); and Yankton, SD (operating as Fred Haar Company, Inc. – Yankton.) In 2012 C & B purhcased Ellefson Implement (operating as Davison County Implement - in Mitchell, SD).

Montana/Wyoming Region:
The Montana/Wyoming Region started in 1997 with the purchase of the John Deere dealership in Billings, MT and a diesel engine pump repair business know as Signature Fuel Systems.  There are 8 other locations within the Montana/Wyoming Region:  Miles City, MT (operates as Horizon Implement); Glendive, MT (operates as Dawson County Implement); Glasgow, MT; Circle, MT; Culbertson, MT; Plentywood, MT: Sheridan, WY (operates as Sheridan County Implement); and Powell, WY (operates as Park County Implement.)

Idaho Region:
The Idaho Region started in 1997 with the purchase of the John Deere dealerships in Idaho Falls, ID and Rexburg, ID.  The Idaho Falls, ID location operates as Bonneville County Implement and the Rexburg, ID location operates as Madison County Implement.

Minnesota Region:
The Minnesota region started in 1997 with the purchase of the John Deere dealerships in St. James, MN and Jackson, MN.  Today, the Minnesota Region has nine locations: St. James, MN (operates as Tri-County Implement – St. James); Jackson, MN (operates as Tri-County Implement – Jackson); Truman, MN (operates as Martin County Implement); Luverne, MN (operates as Rock County Implement); Edgerton, MN (operates as Edgerton Implement); Pipestone, MN (operates as Pipestone County Implement.); Worthington, MN (operates as - Nobles County Implement); Tracy, MN (operates as - Lyon County Implement); Slayton, MN (operates as - Murray County Implement).

All of C & B Operations, LLC’s stores proudly represent John Deere agricultural equipment, service and parts.

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