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Integrated Solutions

 C & B Integrated Solutions Support Center

During the season you get busy, but so do our consultants, sales staff and service departments. The I.S. Support Center is here to give you another option to make sure you get up and running as soon as possible. Give us a call or ask at your store about how to sign up for a support package to get access to this service.

Phone: (855) 325-4077
Email: supportcenter@deerequipment.com

Hours: 7:30 am - 10:30 pm  (Monday - Saturday)

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 C & B Integrated Solutions Support Center App


• Send support requests to our support center with pictures relating to the issue.
• Send requests to purchase SF2 subscriptions.
• Get RTK tower locations.
• View Used AMS Equipment.
• Watch videos on how to troubleshoot issues.

 MyJohnDeere Operations Center

New Tools to Manage Data

The MyJohnDeere Operations Center provides customers with tools to improve machine uptime, logistics management, and agronomic analysis in a secure, accessible way. The customer is in control of the data and can share with dealers, crop consultants, and anyone in their network of trusted advisors; securely, from any Internet-enabled device.

Go to MyJohnDeere.com to view/create your own profile.

 Field Connect

Moisture levels vary from field to field, plot to plot, but knowing when yield-robbing variances occur isn’t as easy to predict. Now it is with John Deere Field Connect Soil Moisture Monitoring. This straightforward solution helps you pinpoint where crops thrive, resources are protected, and profits soar.

Visit our Field Connect Blog from this past summer to learn about the process and capabilities.

 Used AMS Equipment

Looking to purchase a 2600 display or another StarFire receiver? Thinking about getting a rate controller? Check out our used equipment. If you don't see what you are looking for here, let us know and we will keep an eye on on our inventory for you and let you know if something is traded in.

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The JDLink telematic solution, included on most tractors, combines, sprayers and self-propelled forage harvesters since 2011, communicates via cell signal from the machine to MyJohnDeere.com. Through JDLink, easily monitor machine performance, view location history, receive alerts, view the GS3 2630 display remotely and send setup, prescription and documentation files wirelessly.

 John Deere FarmSight™

John Deere FarmSight is the total solution that begins with understanding your needs at our dealership and combining it with the equipment, technology and know-how to increase your productivity, performance and profits.

 Wireless Data Transfer

Save yourself the hassle of having to use a USB drive to move set up files, prescriptions, and documentation by using Wireless Data Transfer. JDLink enabled machines can transmitted the data automatically to your MyJohnDeere.com profile. Have your agronomist send prescriptions directly to your machine while it is in the field or easily monitor yields on a mobile device the minute they complete a field. It doesn't get much easier than this!

*Requires a GS3 2630 display, ethernet cable and an active JDLink machine. If you don't have a JDLink enabled machine we can put a portable kit in your machine.

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