C & B Operations FAQ

What is C & B Operations?

C & B Operations is a John Deere dealer with locations all over the midwest and mountain states. 

Why should I do business with C & B Operations?

C & B Operations is a trusted supplier of agriculture equipment and has a strong reputation for sales and service excellence. 

Where is C & B Operations headquarters?

C & B Operations is headquartered in Gettysburg, South Dakota

What type of equipment does C & B  Operations sell?

C & B Operations sells a full line of John Deere equipment, from lawnmowers to tractors and combines, as well as small equipment from Honda and Stihl.

Where is C & B Operations located? 

C & B Operations has locations in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. You can check out their locations page to find a full list and the location nearest you. 

When is C & B Operations open?

C & B is open during the week from 7:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. During the winter, C & B won’t open until 8. They’re always open 8 to noon on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.

Does C & B Operations have after hours support?

C & B does have an after hours parts and service support. Go to their website and head to the service tab for the after hours support page. You can find the after hours number for your location there. 

Does C & B Operations sell parts for John Deere equipment?

C & B Operations has a number of parts solutions including C & B Central, an online portal that allows you to manage parts orders, service requests and other tasks. C & B Central can be accessed at the top of the C & B website. 

Does C & B Operations have Precision Ag support?

Yes. In addition to offering a full lineup of Precision Ag equipment, C & B Operations maintains an extensive RTK network to support farmers in their area. 

How many locations does C & B Operations have?

C & B Operations has 37 locations across 6 states. 

Does C & B Operations sell lawn mowers?

Yes. They sell a wide variety of John Deere lawn mowers for both residential and commercial use. 

Is C & B Operations hiring?

You can find a current list of C & B Operations job openings on their website under the “about” tab. 

Who owns C & B Operations?

C & B Operations is owned by Peter Burwell and run by Matt Cronin.