The balance between power and size has always been a struggle when looking at equipment. If operations have too large of a machine, they end up pulling attachments around like toys and taking up space they don’t need for storage. Too small, and operations will be inefficient and not be able to do certain tasks with the power provided. John Deere has provided a solution to this problem with the 2 series compact utility tractor. Find out more about how these tractors can help your operation below. 

Big Power In A Small Package

The 2 Series compact utility tractors include the 2025R, 2032R, and the 2038R. These tractors range from 24.2-36.7 HP respectively and are equipped for everything from residential work to commercial operations. The remarkable power put forward by these machines helps get a wide variety of tasks finished. Additionally, the small footprint allows them to take up just slightly more space than a mower would. Each model comes with four-wheel drive to tackle even the toughest terrains. Standard Hydrostatic Transmission increases the efficiency of these machines and TwinTouch™ forward and reverse pedals make operating the 2 Series easier than ever.

Equipped To Tackle Anything 

The 2 Series has many options for attachments, helping these machines customize to the needs of the operator. For example, all models are compatible with drive-over mower decks for easy attachment and control. This is paired with convenient cab controls to adjust critical features. Additionally, the 2 Series is compatible with the IMatch™ three-point hitch. This feature makes for quick attaching and separating to reduce the downtime when working on projects. The 2 Series also is able to have multiple attachments secured at once, reducing the time between projects due to changing. From a commercial operation to your front lawn, trust the 2 Series compact utility tractor to bring power and efficiency to the table. 

C & B Operations: Your Local Premier John Deere Dealer

At C & B Operations, we stand behind the John Deere brand and its legacy of quality. The 2 Series compact utility tractor is no exception. With a sturdy steel frame and extra weight in the 2032R and 2038R for stability, they can handle almost any terrain. C & B Operations is proud to carry the 2 Series, as well as the attachments that can help customize them to your specific needs. Visit one of our 37 locations, or browse our website, to order yours today.