Turn your R4045 sprayer by John Deere into a 3-season applicator with the DN456 New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader. This add-on has the ability to spread up to 10 tons of fertilizer. The spreader can also spread fertilizer up to 105 feet. This spread can be easily and quickly adjusted during variable-rate applications, which helps to provide industry-leading productivity. 

Additionally, by combining the John Deere R4045 and R4060 Dry Spinner Spreader chassis and the New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader, operators have the ability to maintain spread widths even when RPMS are reduced. John Deere’s pressure-and-flow-compensated hydraulics allow operators to maintain spinner speed throughout each pass while maintaining consistent spread width and pattern. This added height allows a greater trajectory at a lower spinner speed and has the ability for later season applications, increasing efficiency and helping operators get a greater return from their investment. 

Advanced Features For Your Field 

The DN456 is MultiApplier ready, helping operators get more done. This allows operators to switch between single-product applications and multiple-product applications. The dual hopper system features two independent conveyors that can simultaneously apply up to two products at predetermined rates or variable rate application with swath widths up to 25 m (84 ft), decreasing time in the field, soil compaction, fuel consumption, and increasing return on investment.

Another advanced feature of the DN456 Spinner Spreader is the ability for the Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display with SpreadStar™ system. This allows operators to see spread rates, bin fill levels, and RPMs in real-time. This also allows for operators to adjust on the fly, and continue to work in the field while avoiding downtime.  

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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