Help your agriculture equipment do more this season with the John Deere DN485 New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader. The DN485 New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader can convert your self-propelled sprayer by John Deere or Hagie model into a 3-season applicator in as few as 4 hours. The DN485 is compatible with the R4045 self-propelled sprayer. This addition to your equipment gives you control of your spreading, as well as how you spread it. The DN485 is of spreading two different streams of fertilizer over a field. 

In addition to the ability of the spreader to accommodate two different kinds of fertilizer, the DN485 has an incredible spread range. This equipment is able to provide a 105-foot spread. This allows operators to make fewer passes, with a wider reach of spread and in a more consistent manner. The DN485’s adjustable spinner assembly can maintain a constant spread pattern. The lower RPMs and consistent pattern allow the DN485 New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader to fertilize later into the season. This gives operators more flexibility towards the end of the season.  

Technology For Efficiency

The DN485 has impressive dimensions and spread, but another area where it truly excels is the technology that helps operators fertilize their field more efficiently while providing real-time statistics. The DN485 New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader is compatible with the generation 4 CommandCenter™ display with the SpreadStar™ system. This allows for operators to have integrated control with the machine and dry spinner spreader. Operators can utilize the CommandCenter integrations to see live views of critical functions and adjust in real-time. This allows operators to optimize how their machine is performing in the field.  

Beyond the connected technologies of the different systems communicating, your machine can help you reduce downtime with John Deere Connected Support. This system helps prevent downtime and efficiently resolves issues with technology-based solutions. John Deere Connected Support saves operators time and money.

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