Many factors go into managing and maintaining a successful farming operation. As technology within the agriculture space grows, so do the options that farmers and ranchers have for maintaining their operational data. Precision agriculture uses information technology to record, analyze, and act upon to ensure that crops and soil achieve optimal health and productivity. 

As the world population grows and the number of farmable acres shrinks, precision agriculture rises in importance. The goal of precision agriculture is to ensure profitability, sustainability and protection of the environment. At C & B, we are proud to deliver the dominant precision agriculture technology that John Deere is known for. 

Data Systems in Operations Today

The technology available today from John Deere enables seamless connectivity between machines, people, technology and insights to give your operation measurable results and insights to take action on. 

Precision agriculture offers technology to help in every step of the production process. From TruSet in land preparation, ExactApply  during spraying and ExactEmerge  into planting all the way through harvest management with Combine Advisor and Machine Sync. 

When using a connected machine, your data is accessible in the John Deere Operations Center  for offsite set up and management. Whether you are using the web based version or the mobile app, integrating with the John Deere Operations Center  is the best way to measure and manage your operation data. 

Future Technology on Farms Near You

John Deere has made many exciting announcements in recent months regarding new technology. Autonomous tractors and See & Spray Ultimate  sprayers are a couple of the technological advancements that will hit production soon. C & B is proud to be a leader in the farming technology space- it’s part of our commitment to being your John Deere dealer of choice. 

Taking Action within Technology

By updating your displays to John Deere Gen 4, such as a 4600 Command Center or a 4640 Universal Display, you are accessing the latest precision agriculture technology that John Deere provides. That technology includes AutoPath and in field data sharing. 

Upcoming technology in the realm of receivers will enable satellite use instead of base stations when the StarFire 7000 is released. The StarFire 7000 will be integrated from the factory on new machines as well as universal models will be available. These precision agriculture updates will increase accuracy and reliability for producers.  

With cellular providers discontinuing 3G service after December 31, 2021, and JDLink now being free, it has never been more important to update your 2G or 3G machines to a 4G. In order to continue data streaming and remote assistance, an update to 4G is required. Contact your local C & B to discuss what 4G options make the most sense for your operation. 

How C & B Supports You

By becoming a connected partner with C & B in the John Deere Operations Center, we are able to better serve you.  When you need us, the precision ag support center from C & B is there for you. By enabling the connected partnership, we will be able to access your displays remotely to assist you. 

As precision agriculture technology changes and advances, so does our employee training as well as customer training. Our dedicated team of precision agriculture consultants and support center technicians are a great resource for our customers offering one on one support as well as hosting clinics and training events throughout the year. Advance your operation by leveraging the knowledgeable team at C & B.