For all of your plowing needs, the 610 Integral Chisel Plow by John Deere provides the performance, efficiency, and durability that every operator needs. This plow can be attached to nearly any tractor that has a 3-point hitch, and only needs 10 HP/ft for the rigid spring standard, and 14 HP/ft for the Tru-Depth standard. The 610 is ideal for fields that are relatively obstruction-free but are equipped to handle wear and tear. The welded construction adds the inner strength that withstands twisting and pulling through demanding field conditions. 

The 610 also comes standard with implement warning lights that allow for safe transport on roads, allowing operators to safely move from one field to another. This harness requires either A category 2, 3, or 3N 3-point hitch with or without Quik-Coupler attachment. 

Different Standards For Better Performance

The 610 Integral Chisel Plow comes with a variety of standard options that customize how it performs in different fields. The rigid standard comes standard on the 610, which performs incredibly well in low-obstruction fields. All standards are durable and can handle many seasons of wear and tear. The TruPosition standard has trip features that are perfect for fields without heavy obstructions. Additionally, operators can replace the 610’s shank without disassembly of the standard. 

Finally, the Tru-Depth standard is optional and can work in rocky ground and heavy draft conditions. This standard has excellent clearance to handle heavy trash and is able to handle extremely rocky conditions. This durability allows the 610 to handle conditions that other plows would not be able to operate in.

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