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John Deere Fuel-Protect

Helps maintain quality which leads to more up-time and less fuel related equipment issues.

John Deere Fuel Protect

Fuel Conditioner: Winter Formula

John Deere Fuel-Protect Diesel Fuel Conditioners Winter Formula provides all the same benefits of the Summer Formula with the addition of an additive to improve cold filter plugging (CFPP) and a deicer.

  • Improved CFPP additive
    • Improves winter operability 10°C below cloud point (must be added above cloud point temperature of fuel)
  • Deicer
    • Prevents fuel lines from freezing
  • Cetane improver
    • 1-3 cetane numbers depending on the base fuel
  • Moderate detergent for legacy equipment
    • Prevents deposits and cleans fuel systems in legacy vehicles
  • Lubricity improver
    • Prevents fuel pump and injector wear

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