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Load-N-Go™ Attachment

Since its introduction in 2011, AutoConnect™ for 7-Iron mower decks has made it easy to attach and remove mower decks from Compact Utility Tractors. The Load-N-Go attachment adds further value to AutoConnect mower decks by simplifying the process of moving the deck once it has been removed from the tractor. It is installed in place of the existing AutoConnect drive over ramps and empowers use of the tractor’s loader to pick up and move the mower deck, while maintaining the drive over capability. Also, when paired with jack stands, it allows a simple method to access the underside of the mower deck for washing, accessing blades, etc., without the risk of damaging the anti-scalp wheels. Now, getting that deck out of the middle of the garage floor, off the driveway, or simply out of the way, just got a whole lot easier!

Load-n-Go Attachment

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