Have You Performed The 20-2 Software Update Yet?

 As previously communicated, StarFire iTC receivers will no longer function beginning 01 February 2021.  StarFire iTC receivers will continue to operate in WAAS until approximately 2026 or when the US GPS satellite constellation P(Y) code is retired and may continue to be used for yield mapping. Guidance applications including AutoTrac™ will not be available after this time. 01 February 2021 will also be the deadline to have all StarFire 6000 and StarFire 3000 receivers updated to 20-2. Receivers not updated to 20-2 by this time will not receive the StarFire signal and as such will only operate in WASS, unable to AutoTrac, until updated to 20-2.

There are multiple ways to make sure that your StarFire 3000 and/or StarFire 6000 is updated and that you will not experience a loss of service. The options are as follows:

  1. Access over-the-air updates for StarFire 6000 receivers (that are on software version 3.70M or newer) through machines equipped with JDLink. The StarFire 3000 is not compatible with over the air software updates for this payload.
  2. Receive the updates via mail on a USB stick provided by C & B Operations with the purchase of a Precision Ag Standard Support Plan.
  3. Bring your StarFire receiver to the store and run the update on our Precision Ag Display stands.
  4. Schedule the Service Department to install the updates.
  5. Download the update from stellarsupport.com onto a USB and update the equipment on your own.

Want more information?

Chris Seifert, a Precision Ag Support Specialist based out of the Pipestone, MN store, goes over the 20-2 Updates for Gen 4 Displays, GS3 2630 Display, and StarFire Receivers during an episode of Technology Thursday.


Still Have Questions?

Contact the Precision Ag Support Center at 507-200-3060 or your local C & B Operations here.