Tentative 2021 C & B Agronomic Plot Dates

Planting – May 5th/6th 

Spraying – June 7th-11th

DakotaFest Harvest – August 17th through 19th

Harvest – September 22nd/23rd

Tillage – October 27th/28th

C & B Illustrates Bigger, Faster and Stronger John Deere Equipment

John Deere provides exceptional value to our customers with equipment that is more efficient and more effective when it comes to getting the job done. Combining advanced equipment with industry-leading precision ag technology positions John Deere and C & B at the leading edge of advancements in agriculture. Each pass across the field has an impact on the grower’s bottom line, and being able to make evidence based agronomic decisions has never been more critical than it is today. John Deere provides a complete solution for our customers and we want to help illustrate this through in-field trials and hands-on experiences for our employees and our customers through the C & B Agronomic Plot. 

In 2021, C & B Operations will again partner up with Cenex Harvest States – Farmers Alliance and a local grower.  This year the plot will include 137 tillable acres as well as some hay ground to showcase equipment and farming practices that can improve an operation’s profitability. The field is located between Highway 38 and I-90 – 6 miles east of Mitchell, SD. This location is also within a few miles of the DakotaFest venue, and we plan to do a large event in conjunction with DakotaFest on August 17-19, 2021. 

The 2021 Agronomic Plot will shift focus from corn to soybeans, and incorporate a number of equipment trials as well as different farming practices that are relevant to our customers. Mitchell, South Dakota is home to many different crops, and in the future, we plan to highlight more of them. Due to Covid-19 we were not able to host some of the events that were planned in 2020, so we are very excited to give our employees and customers the opportunity to come to watch the equipment in action and drive the equipment through the field for a first-hand experience of the John Deere advantage. We will release more information as we get closer to the date of the events.

The Layout of the Plot

CHS Corn Plot

  • CHS will be planting a number of different corn hybrids to showcase their products. 

Crop Care Plot

  • 100 day corn
  • Agronomic Trials
    • Foliar applied micronutrients
    • Foliar applied fungicide verses 360 under cover applied fungicide
    • Aerial imagery for crop health
    • Side Dress Nitrogen through different methods

Tillage practice and starter fertilizer plot

  • 100 day corn
  • Agronomic Trials
    • Strip till with and without starter fertilizer
    • No Till with and without starter fertilizer
    • Vertical till with and without starter fertilizer
    • Conventional till (field cultivator) with and without starter fertilizer
    • Conventional till with Trivar (phosphorus stabilizer)
    • Conventional till with no Nu-Charge (nitrogen stabilizer)
    • Conventional till no starter as a check.

Planting and Early Harvest Plot

  • 79 day corn
  • Agronomic Trials
    • Exact Emerge verses Max Emerge
    • Aerial imagery for weed detection for sprayer prescriptions
    • Early harvest for corn during Dakota Fest.  Showcase different attachments and configurations.
  • Alfalfa seed
  • Showcase self propelled windrowers and new balers with automation
  • In the middle of plot we will showcase planter and sprayer technology for turn compensation operating on for half of the circle and off for the other half.
C & B Agronomic Plot Map

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