What Does Aerial Precision Imagery (API) Do?

We collect high resolution imagery on-demand for famers and ag service providers, allowing them to target inputs to maximize their yield potential through aerial imagery.
  • Affordable imagery
  • Flights when they want/need
  • Quick turnaround
  • Crop health & damage reports
  • Equipment issue identification
  • Exporting for Rx writing
  • Ability to measure and quantify
  • Integration with software
  • High quality for less than $4.00 per acre
  • Easy customer scheduling
  • Data delivered less than 24 hr
  • Multiple NDVI map views
  • Ability to identify planting and irrigation equipment issues
  • Multiple export file types and works with MyJohnDeere.com
  • Measuring tools and analysis through drone deploy
  • Due to the ability to export data and use of common optics, data is able to be sent and leveraged on multiple platforms


  • Resolution to fit the customer’s needs
  • Speed to the site and ability to fly multiple fields without stopping
  • Quality optics
  • Over 30 years of aviation experience
  • Timely on-demand flights