Our Story

Rod & Dan
Peter & Matt

C & B Operations, LLC operates thirty-seven John Deere dealerships in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. It began in 1988 when Dan Cronin and Rod Burwell purchased the John Deere store in Gettysburg, SD to keep a dealership open in Dan’s hometown. The Cronin’s own and operate a farm and ranch operation, started in 1909, near Gettysburg, SD. Dan Cronin passed away in 1999 and one of his sons, Matt Cronin, took the role of President of C & B Operations at that time. Rod Burwell spent time in Gettysburg as a child, worked on the Cronin Family Farm and remained close friends with Dan. Rod Burwell passed away in 2015 and his son, Peter Burwell assumed Rod’s role as President of Burwell Enterprises and Chairman of C & B Operations LLC.

C&B rebrand

Our New Logo

The C & B Diamond Shape not only pulls the “C”, “&”, and “B” together, its four corners resemble Growth in All Directions. It’s symmetrical and strong, representing the well-balanced organization that is C & B.