C & B Support Center

How can the Precision Ag Support Center help you?

Hear from our customers who are using the subscription service from C & B.

The John Deere Operations Center is a very useful tool for the Harrell Bros. Farm. The Support Center has been very helpful in helping us maximize the John Deere Operations Center. One example of when the Support Center helped us was when they were able to remote into a combine's monitor and help us troubleshoot a shared coverage issue. We never had to stop the combine once to receive their help.

The technical support is A1. When I'm planting, they can diagnose your planter and you can go back to planting right away. The C & B Precision Ag Support Center's ability to troubleshoot the technology is the number one value.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday: 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM CST
Sunday: Closed

Support Center: 1-507-200-3060

C & B Operations Support Center App


Send requests to our Support Center for assistance with your Precision Ag issues. You may also use the app to view our RTK tower network, view precision ag inventory and view our how to videos related to John Deere Precision Ag Products. We have also included our upcoming events for training and you can view service inspections that provide great value to your John Deere Precision Ag equipment.

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