C&B is now a Sourcewell Dealer

Sourcewell works with public agencies, public schools, local governments, tribal governments, nonprofits and other similar entities at no-cost, no obligation and no liability. C & B Operations Sourcewell contract has been competitively bid, and is aimed at helping member entities meet their purchasing compliance through a cooperative purchasing contract. This will help reduced the time, hassle and expense generated during the bid process, helping you get the equipment you need faster. Contact your C & B Operations salesperson for equipment demos and in-person assistance.

What is Cooperative purchasing?

Sourcewell creates opportunities for its member agencies to save time and money but collecting vetted, compliant purchasing solutions to simplify the bidding process. This helps partner entities take advantage of volume pricing generated by 50,000 members across North America. This easy system accommodates municipal and operating leases, as well as flexible payment packages and non-appropriation of funds clauses. Find out how to save time and money with a buying cooperative by contacting a C & B Operations dealership near you.

Check out this short video to learn more about Sourcewell and how a Cooperative contract can help save your organization time and money!  

Some of our Available Equipment

john deere plowing snow


  • Snow Removal

    With John Deere Utility Tractors using an optional snow blower, rotary broom, or front blade attachments, snow does not stand a chance.

  • Clean Up

    Clean up with Loader-Mount attachments. Add a debris blower, debris grapples, front blade or rock bucket and get rid of dirt, brush, and heavy debris quickly.

  • Landscaping and Hay

    Select from wide variety of mowing, shredding, tilling, seeding, baling, grading and digging implements from the John Deere and the Frontier lines.

mowing along the road


  • 6D Series Tractors
    They’re not afraid of a lot of work, with the features and options to handle the tough stuff.
  • 6M Series Tractors
    The 6M Series is the next step up in comfort and performance. Loading, road and highway maintenance, snow removal, you name it – the 6M can handle just about anything you throw its way.
  • E, M, & R Series Heavy-Duty Flex Wing Cutters
    The biggest, toughest, fl ex-wing cutters we make, from the front hitch to the rear suspension. You can get full cutting action up to 45 degrees above and 22 degrees below horizontal – great for hillsides and ditches.

*Sourcewell discount may not cover all models and attachments in photos.

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