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We help you maximize your productivity with a range of in-person and online solutions.


Choose from several easy to use touch-screen displays. More than just A-B lines, you’ll improve application rates, fuel economy and input placement. With some models, you can also get remote support and wirelessly send files.

StarFire 7000


StarFire 7000 Receiver with SF-RTK The StarFire™ 7000 – with SF-RTK – delivers next-generation performance and dependability. A multi-constellation satellite signal reduces time needed to achieve full signal accuracy. Season-to-season repeatability minimizes guidance line, coverage, and boundary drift year after year.
  • New SF-RTK signal offers RTK-like accuracy within 2.5 cm
  • Up to 73% faster pull-in times, compared to SF3
  • Guaranteed 5-year repeatability, season-to-season
  • Drop-in replacement for StarFire™ 6000 integrated or universal
The StarFire™ 7000 is designed in two configurations. A fully integrated version – available on select new models – delivers a standard, factory-installed solution. And soon, we’ll introduce a Universal model, with a secure locking system that makes it easy to move from machine to machine.

Choose the right level of accuracy for you.
SF-RTK+/- 2.5 cm< 10 minsLong Term with 5-year GuaranteeStarFire™ NetworkSF-RTK Renewable LicenseNone
Radio RTK+/- 2.5 cm< 1 min+/- 2.5 cm Long TermRadioSF3 Ready activation, RTK Ready activation, and RTK subscriptionRTK Radio
SF1+/- 15 cm~ 10 minsNoneStarFire™ NetworkNoneNone
StarFire 6000


The StarFire 6000 Receiver
You can choose the accuracy you need, ranging from plus-or-minus 6 inches (good enough for many broad acre applications) down to sub-inch accuracy with RTK.

Signal Accuracy
Using our own StarFire™ network we can provide you with a reliable, accurate, and repeatable signal customized to your needs, delivering the accuracy and control you demand. Developed in 1998, the StarFire network was the world’s first Global Satellite-Based Augmentation System (GSBAS) capable of decimeter real-time accuracy.

SF1+/- 15 cm~ 10 minsNoneSatelliteNoneNone
SF3+/- 3 cm< 30 mins+/- 3 cm in-season repeatabilitySatelliteSF3 Ready activation, SF3 subscriptionNone
Radio RTK+/- 2.5 cm< 1 min+/- 2.5 cm Long TermRadioSF3 Ready activation, RTK Ready activation, RTK subscriptionRTK Radio
Mobile RTK+/- 2.5 cm< 1 min+/- 2.5 cm Long TermCellularSF3 Ready activation, RTK Ready activation, mRTK subscriptionMTG JDLink Connectivity

TEchnology Thursday

Our weekly Technology Thursday videos briefly cover ways to add more value to your operation.


The JDLink telematic solution, included on most tractors, combines, sprayers and self-propelled forage harvesters since 2011, communicates via cell signal from the machine to Through JDLink, easily monitor machine performance, view location history, receive alerts, view the GS3 2630 display remotely and send setup, prescription and documentation files wirelessly.


Used PRECISON AG Equipment

Looking to purchase a 2600 display or another StarFire receiver? Thinking about getting a rate controller? Check out our used equipment. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, let us know and we will keep an eye on on our inventory for you and let you know if something is traded in.

RTK Network

StarFire™ RTK provides highly accurate corrections to the AutoTrac™ guidance system. It utilizes a local, ground-based reference station that transmits the high-accuracy +/- 1 in. corrections to a machine StarFire receiver via RTK Radios. Because of the proximity of the base station to the machine, nearly all satellite drift is eliminated, and the position is highly repeatable. In order for the base-station signal to reach the machine, a direct line of sight is required.

Changing Network IDs

Watch our tutorial on how to change your network IDS using your RTK radio on GreenStar display.


Explore our interactive map of the locations and information of C & B Operations’ RTK Network Towers.

Value Added Services

C & B Operations Precision Ag team is committed to making sure your John Deere Precision Ag equipment is working as accurately and efficiently as possible.

John Deere Operations Center

Support from John Deere

C & B Operations Center Webinars

MyJohnDeere provides you with tools to improve machine uptime, logistics management, and agronomic analysis in a secure, accessible way. You are in control of the data and can share securely with dealers, crop consultants, and anyone in your network of trusted advisors.

Support Center Team

Support Center

Let our Precision Ag Support Center help you! Whether you need remote assistance or contact information for your local Precision Ag consultant, our Support Center is the reliable resource you can count on.

A farmer operates the John Deere S700 combine, available at C & B Operations.

Guidance Solutions

Depending on the guidance system and signal accuracy used, you can reduce overlap by up to 90%! John Deere guidance solutions are tailored to suit your operation and comfort level. They save you time, fuel and input costs with every pass on every hectare. And, because efficiency increases with accuracy, John Deere enables you to easily upgrade from one guidance system to the next.

C & B Created Hydraulic Conversion
for Air Carts

Looking to get a more accurate and responsive air cart without having to invest in a new one? The solution is here! Improve your older John Deere and competitive air carts by converting them to hydraulic drive created by C & B Operations.

  • Better control with faster response times.
  • Increased accuracy through enhanced calibration procedure.
  • Reduce maintenance and potential failure of mechanical systems.
  • Be able to take advantage of the latest control features and display capabilities.
  • Gain the ability to use variable rate prescriptions and document their performance in the field.
  • Conversion utilizes a John Deere Rate Controller Dry or Rate Controller 2000.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a John Deere Rate Controller for liquid applications.
  • Rate Controller 2000 capable of controlling 1 liquid and 4 dry products from a single controller.
  • Rate Controller Dry can control up to 4 products and work with a liquid rate controller.

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