Road to Success


C & B Operations Road to Success Program offers internship opportunities to students interested in applying what they learn during school to real-world experience. You will work side-by-side with industry professionals to gain experience you will not soon forget. We want your internship to be the first step in an exciting, long-term career with C&B Operations. Learn more about our internship programs in service, sales, and precision ag today!

Road to Success Student

What do you like about the Road to Success program?
It gives me an opportunity to work on the pieces of equipment that I am learning about in school. It gives me a lot of hands-on experience which helps me learn better.
How is C & B helping you? (Hands on experience while going to school, helping you pay for school, mentorship, etc?)
C & B is helping me achieve my goals by giving me hands on experience while I am still in school learning. It will be very beneficial to have the opportunity to get reimbursed for my tuition after school. Overall, I gain a lot of knowledge working hands on rather than if I only learned in the classroom.
Why would you recommend the Road to Success program to others?
It is beneficial in a way to help connect the book work you do in school with working on the actual piece of equipment. It is nice to learn from other technicians in the shop that have years of knowledge & experience. I have gain great friends along the way. I am very grateful for the Road to Success program and all that I have gained from it.

Service Technician

Get great, hands-on experience at one of our dealerships working part-time, with competitive wages, while you earn your Diesel Technician Degree and get up to $25,000 in Diesel Technician tuition support.

Precision Ag Intern

Sales & Precision Ag

Start down your Road to Success as an intern at C & B Operations…but your journey doesn’t end there! With dealerships across six states, opportunities abound in your future with positions in service, management, precision ag, parts and sales.

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