C & B and John Deere are united in our efforts to provide John Deere equipment owners with all the information needed to safely and responsibly operate, maintain and repair their equipment.

C & B stands ready to meet all of your service and support needs through our traditional parts and service offering, but also makes available a number of technical resources for customer use.

C & B Central

C & B Central

A free C & B Operations hosted online platform where customers can quickly access detailed schematics and parts information including, pricing and availability.

Serial number specific equipment searches can be performed here along with many other personal account management features.

Manuals & Publications

A whole host of equipment supporting information is made available both for free and for pay on the Deere.com website.

By clicking on the Parts & Service menu on the main landing page, customers can access information on parts, operators manuals and training bulletins, Dealer information, Warranty and Protection Plans, StellarSupport, John Deere Connected Support, and Recalls & Safety information

John Deere Manual
Special John Deere Tools

Special Tools

Special tools that may be required to complete complex repairs on John Deere equipment are available for purchase by contacting your local Service Dept.

Customer Service Advisor 5.2

Customer Service Advisor is a fee-based annual subscription that allows equipment owners and repair shops access to the very same software platform that certified John Deere Dealers use to support maintenance and repairs, including: 

  • Access to Owners & Technical Manuals
  • Look up Diagnostic Technical Codes
  • Machine Diagnostic Connectivity with EDL
  • Perform Machine Tests & Calibrations with EDL
  • Access to Service Advisor Online
  • Dealer Support on the use of the CSA 5.2
  • Annual Updates (with subscription renewals)

Customer Service Advisor 5.2 may not be right for everyone and is best suited for farms or businesses who:

  1. Perform their own repairs.
  2. Have skilled mechanics trained in the use of electronic diagnostic tools.
  3. Require regular access to electronic and diagnostic information.
  4. Possess and are familiar with a MyJohnDeere account (a requirement at purchase).

Customer Service Advisor 5.2 is available for purchase at shop.deere.com in two versions (web application or download version).

Contact your local C & B dealer or click the Learn More button below to find out what package best fits your situation.