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C & B Operations, LLC

Commitment to Support Owner Repairs


  • Provide equipment owners with the information needed to safely and responsibly operate, maintain and repair their equipment.

General Policy:

  • C & B supports equipment owner’s right to repair their own equipment.
  • C & B believes owner repair rights are currently well supported across multiple channels.
  • C & B is unable to support machine modifications that are illegal or compromise life safety.

Our Promise:

  • C & B will provide customer access to all available manuals, publications & related web-based resources.
  • C & B will offer and train customers on the use of available OEM diagnostic software, diagnostic tools, and related specialty tools.
  • C & B will provide customer access to all machine generated diagnostic information and related performance data.
  • C & B is required to return equipment under service at a dealership to OEM specifications when deemed necessary to complete a specific repair.
  • C & B is required to notify the equipment manufacturer of known modifications as deemed relevant to warranty claims.
  • C & B legally cannot materially participate in the sale, support or installation of non-OEM defeat software or hardware of any type.
  • C & B will use its best efforts to represent all used equipment in the most factual manner.
  • C & B cannot guarantee that used equipment offered for resale will meet original OEM or Clean Air Act specifications (As Is/Where Is).
Updated June 2021.