For incredible in-field flexibility, choose the 1795 12Row split 23 or 24 Planter by John Deere. This planter has a 30-ft. toolbar with 12 rows at 30-in. spacing. The planter can also be configured as a 23-row split row or a 24-row split row with 15-in. spacing for incredible versatility in the field. Additionally, the 3-segment configuration allows flexibility when being drawn over uneven territory. The frame flexes up and down 15 degrees to operate in a wider array of field conditions. The 1795 12Row split also has the ability to fold into a 12-ft. narrow transport for transportation between fields and on roads. Finally, superior quality makes for durable construction without sacrificing performance. 

Innovations For Efficiency

Equipped with MaxEmerge™ 5 row units, the 1795 12Row Split 23 or 24 Planter reduces the cost of ownership with incredible serviceability to the units and durable components. These units can plant seeds at a consistent depth at speed to give your field more accurate plantings. The 1795 12Row Split 23 or 24 Planter has incredible technology to help plant more efficiently and increase uptime. The SeedStar 2 monitor system is a full-featured, color population monitor used in conjunction with the GreenStar™ family of displays. Operators can utilize this program to see performance, planting statistics, and other critical functions in real-time as they plant. Additionally, This allows operators to make adjustments in real-time. This saves downtime and shows the 1795 12Row Split 23 or 24 Planter’s performance in real-time. Improve the way you plant your fields this year with the 1795 12Row Split 23 or 24 Planter.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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