The 3032E Compact Utility Tractor by John Deere has incredible power, versatility, and maneuverability for a next-level machine for your operation. The 3032E features a heavy-duty 30.7 HP diesel engine that gives operators the power and torque they need even under heavy loads. This engine also burns cleaner, extending the life of the engine and helping your operation go greener. For jobs on difficult terrain, the 3032E compact utility tractor comes standard with four-wheel drive. Additionally, this compact utility tractor has the tightest turning radius in its horsepower class. This delivers exceptional precision for projects that require finesse and power.

Projects Made Easy

The 3032E Compact Utility Tractor isn’t just a powerful machine, it’s accessible. The machine boasts a variety of implements and improvements that makes it easier than ever to use efficiently. For example, the hydrostatic transmission (HST) increases tractor performance and is simple for operators to implement in their projects. The operator station is simple, with critical functions clearly marked and unrivaled visibility for improved precision. The 3032E compact utility tractor also features a category 1 3-pt. Hitch compatible with dozens of implements. Because of this, the 3032E has incredible versatility for a variety of jobs and makes finishing your projects faster and simpler.

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