The 718C Corn Head by John Deere has the technology and power to help harvest corn more efficiently this season. With 18 row capability, this corn head requires fewer passes, saving operators time and money while harvesting. The 718C is part of the 700C family which is optimized to last. The dual auger strippers reduce the amount of wrapping that occurs on the auger. Additionally, John Deere designed the gathering chains to increase the life of the 718C over previous Corn Heads. Optional RowMax™ row-units further increase the life of the Corn Head by bringing updates to not only the gathering chains, but the gathering chain sprockets, chain guides, and stalk rolls. See why more farmers trust John Deere by exploring more about the 718C Corn Head below. 

A Smarter Corn Head

Beyond the impressive durability, the 718C has the technology to help operators work smarter in the fields and maximize efficiency. One feature that helps with this is the AutoTrac™ and RowSense™ that enables hands-free corn harvesting. Sensors on the front of the 718C Corn Head keep the combine on the row, reducing the amount of waste from corn hitting the head incorrectly. This also utilizes a GPS steering system, aided by John Deere Precision Ag, which connects to receivers installed in the combine like the StarFire™ position receiver. Another innovation that makes the 718C so incredible for harvesting is the optional StalkMaster™ row-unit. This helps process corn stalks smaller than the normal stalk rolls could. This means that operators could possibly cut out a second-pass, saving time, labor, and other operating costs.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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