The 7 series tractors from John Deere offers power, precision, and comfort for a variety of projects. The 7R 330 tractor has a John Deere PowerTech™ PVS 9.0L B20 diesel compatible engine that outputs 330 HP. The 7R 330 has customizable front hitch options that fit a variety of applications for a wide range of uses. Optional Triple-Link Suspension Plus (TLS™ Plus) is a self-leveling front suspension system that gives the 7R 330 unmatched stability, ride, and comfort to increase your productivity. With CommandPRO™, operators can control systems for efficiency and speed and suspension for comfort. Additionally, customizable cabin options and the ActiveSeat™ II offer operators an option to tailor their machines to their comfort levels, to reduce fatigue and keep you working longer. 

Integrated Solutions 

The John Deere 7 series of row-crop tractors have redefined the standard for farm equipment. The 7R 330 has incredible accessibility features like optional visibility packages that upgrade cab visibility, lights, and windshield wipers. This tractor also features an industry-leading power transfer with Cat 4 HD drawbar for heavier implements.  Additionally, the 7R 330 features a climate-controlled cab option and ergonomic operator station for optimal operator comfort.

Functionality defines the 7 series, as well. Beyond the comfort of the cab, the Gen 4 CommandCenter™ gathers the essential stats and functions of the tractor in one place, allowing operators to interact and change settings in real-time. The 7R 330 tractor also features John Deere’s farming technology. For example, the AutoTrac™ integrated intelligence and StarFire™ receiver help make sure you know where you are in the field and can receive live statistics about what you’re planting and how the machine is performing. Plus, connecting the 7R 330 to the JDLink™ network gives operators unprecedented access to machine health, performance, and maintenance reminders. 

Quality Equipment From C&B Operations

There is a reason that green is synonymous with quality when you are thinking about anything and everything agriculture-related. The 7R 330 Tractor by John Deere is just one example of the superior craftsmanship of John Deere tractors. The 7R 330 helps you optimize the time you spend in the field. Upgrade how you handle your task list this season! 

At C&B Operations, we know how it is in the field because we have the mud on our boots to prove it. We have been selling top-quality equipment to producers who are serious about getting the job done for years. Because of this, C & B Operations stands behind the John Deere brand and continues to be a John Deere dealer because like our customers, they have an unrelenting drive for quality. We provide only the best for your fields, to make sure you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. To find a C&B Operations location near you, visit our website or give us a call at 1.800.333.3658