Buying used farm equipment is a great way to maximize your dollars at C & B. While a brand new machine makes sense for some, a new-to-you machine may be best for your operation. Every piece of equipment has its place and purpose. 

Spend Less Money, Lose Less Value

A new piece of farm equipment is an investment. Cut down on your costs by purchasing a pre-owned machine. Over the time of your ownership, you will lose less money when the time comes to trade up. Another great way to save on used equipment is by purchasing pre-owned accessories and implements too. 

More Options, Same John Deere Quality

Used equipment can bring you more options at your fingertips, sometimes faster than a new machine! Some options on used machines may be discontinued on new models, but be exactly what you are looking for. John Deere green means consistency and C & B takes pride in ensuring that used tractors, combines and more are each inspected and reconditioned to be ready for their new homes. 

Tested and Reliable

Purchasing pre-owned equipment is a great way to skip over any major kinks. When you purchase with C & B, you can rest assured that the equipment you purchase has already been fully inspected and assessed. There’s also a peace of mind that the previous owner will have already put the machine to the test! Feel confident in purchasing used farm equipment from C & B. 

With an extensive inventory of used John Deere farm equipment at our 37 locations, take a look at our online inventory to find your next used machine or visit one of our locations in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana or Wyoming.