Purchasing a new piece of equipment is no joke and determining the perfect machine for you can be overwhelming. John Deere compact utility tractors are well-equipped, user-friendly controls that offer convenient operation and affordable ownership. With seemingly unlimited options, how can you choose what’s right for you? 

Step #1:What are your needs?

When you are considering buying a new tractor, you should think of what tasks you will be using it for. Think of the chores you will be doing and determine what horsepower range suits your needs best. Will this machine be for residential or commercial use? The average horsepower for a compact tractor is 40. 

For larger tasks like ripping stumps, plowing fields or hauling trailers, you will want to invest in one of John Deere’s models that offers over 50 horsepower. Will you be in terrain that will increase the workload on the engines such as clay or sand? You will need to consider the amount of strength needed to get the job done. 

Step #2: What is your budget? 

Your budget can dictate with John Deere compact utility tractors are options for you. There are great pre-owned machines out there but new compact utility tractors come with a warranty guarantee. Your ongoing maintenance costs, aside from your monthly payment, are something to keep in mind for your budget. 

Step #3: What tools can help you get the job done? 

Depending on your list of chores and jobs to complete, different attachments and implements may be available for compact utility tractors. Front end loaders, box blades and pallet forks are common but there are also AutoConnect™ Drive-over Mower Deck or rotary cutters available. Talk to one of C & B’s dedicated sales representatives for more information on attachments that may make sense for you. 

Step #4: How are you paying? 

When purchasing your new John Deere compact utility tractor from C & B you have the option of paying in cash or financing. For financing, C & B offers a variety of options with multiple lenders and some programs offer $0 down and 0% interest for 60 months on select units. 

A new John Deere compact utility tractor can be an asset to your home or farm. Take advantage of the raw strength and easy-to-use implements to get all your work done. For assistance on choosing the right unit for you, contact your local C & B