This season, trust the DB90 36Row30 Planter by John Deere to help you efficiently plant large areas of your operation. This planter can do more in fewer passes, saving operators time and money. The 90-foot toolbar has 36 rows set at 30-inch spacing. The planter can be equipped with mini-hoppers, 1.6-, or 3-bushel MaxEmerge™ 5 row units. This planter has incredible capacity and coverage but does require a large tractor to pull through the field. The DB90 36Row30 requires A minimum of 325 HP tractor with a category 4 drawbar for operation. This planter also features the mobile row-unit runoff. This is a mobile app that allows operators to maximize row-unit performance from a mobile device for pre- and in-season use enabled through the PlanterPlus™ app. 

Innovations For Efficiency

The DB90 36Row30 Planter by John Deere has incredible technology to help operators in the field. Curves, for example, often present a problem when planting. 100 percent population, when the inside and outside rows are moving at different speeds, is nearly impossible for regular planters. The DB90 36Row30 Planter utilizes curve compensation to fix this problem. The planter sends each row-unit receives its own signal for maximum efficiency. This planter features the SeedStar 4HP monitoring system. This system helps operators see the performance in real-time, with critical statistics displayed in one place. Additionally, This planter features RowCommand™ for individual row control, as well as an advanced seed variable-rate drive, fertilizer options, and much more. Choose superior technology this season to ensure your field gets the start it needs for maximum yields with the DB90 36Row30 Planter by John Deere.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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