For coverage that won’t quit, choose the F4365 sprayer from John Deere with an LS475 liquid system, available at C & B Equipment. A 2000-gallon tank ensures that you won’t have to fill the tank every other pass. Additionally, with an application rate of 80 gallons/acre at 25 mph, you can cover your field faster than ever before. A superior chassis design ensures that operators don’t get tossed around, so there is less fatigue in the field. With the LS475 liquid system equipped to the F4365 sprayer, operators have versatility in application rates. The F4365 has a high-rate application for speed, with the liquid system outputting up to 420 gallons/minute. It is also equipped for low-rate applications for soybeans at 5 gallons/minute. With unrivaled versatility, the F4365 sprayer, and the LS475 liquid system are the only machine you will need this season.

Superior Sprayer

Beyond the raw specs of the F4365 sprayer, systems and application rates can be monitored, changed, and optimized from the cab with the 4600 CommandCenter™. This, paired with the SpreadStar™ system gives operators the ability to understand and adjust in real-time. Additionally, the F4365 sprayer can be equipped with the DN495 dry spinner spreader to add all of these benefits to dry nutrient application during your season. And, while you are in the field, operator-friendly controls make these systems intuitive and easy to use.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

There is a reason that green is synonymous with quality when you are thinking about anything and everything agriculture-related. The F4365 sprayer with LS475 Liquid System is one example of the superior craftsmanship of John Deere. Make sure you have the best equipment available to you this season with the F4365 sprayer with LS475 Liquid System.

At C & B Operations, we know how it is in the field because we have the mud on our boots to prove it. C & B Operations sells top-quality equipment for superior performance. C & B Operations stands behind the John Deere brand and continues to be a John Deere dealer because like our customers, they have an unrelenting drive for quality. We provide only the best for your fields, to make sure you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. To find a C & B Operations location near you, visit our website or give us a call at 1.800.333.3658