John Deere crossover utility vehicles have always stood for versatility and durability. The Midsize XUV models are no different and offer a variety of features that make them a perfect vehicle for whatever you need doing on your property, or at your operation. C & B Operations takes a look at the midsize XUVs available, and some of the defining features as well as the perks they could provide for you. Take a look, below. 

Comfort and Convenience

John Deere created their XUV series to not only be functional, but comfortable to drive and ride in. This is so that no matter the job, operator discomfort doesn’t affect how it gets done. One way John Deere’s midsize XUVs do this is by optimizing the seating position. In the XUV560E, XUV590E, and XUV590M the seating is designed to give passengers and operators maximum legroom for comfort. Additionally, a 3-point seatbelt in all models keeps all passengers safe. Plus, a sturdy cage prevents damage to riders if an accident does occur. Beyond the safety features, the XUV line has an operator station designed for comfort. The control panel is easy-to-read, as well as backlit for visibility. There are easy-to-reach cup holders for both operator and passenger, and an optional outlet for charging devices. 

Cargo and Power 

Not all of the bells and whistles on the midsize XUV models are for comfort, though. Specifically, the S4 models of the XUV560E, 590E, and 590M have an extra row of seating for increased capacity. This row of seating has all the safety and comfort of the front row, with the added benefit that it can be converted back into cargo space. Another feature is the incredibly durable and versatile cargo box. John Deere created this feature from a single piece of material for durability, and it has up to a 500 lb. cargo load. Additionally, this cargo box has a manual tilt lever to help remove heavy or awkward loads, and the gate of the bed can be easily removed for storage and cleaning. Beyond the cargo box, there is a sealed storage compartment underneath the hood for dust and moisture-sensitive materials, as well as a spacious glove box. 

C & B Operations: Your Local Premier John Deere Dealer

As with all John Deere products, these midsize XUV vehicles are incredibly durable and powerful. All models are crafted with a keen eye for detail and promise of rugged construction. At C & B operations, we are proud to carry John Deere’s equipment because of this quest for perfection. Our certified technicians can tell you what midsize XUV is best for your property, and how to best take care of it so it lasts a long time. Find out more about midsize XUVs, and how you can get a quote, by visiting C & B Operation’s website.