The 3025D Compact Tractor provides the perfect balance of a space-saving footprint with the power and technology to provide solutions to any project. The 3025D Compact Tractor is equipped to handle tough jobs without sacrificing operator comfort or maneuverability. Take the standard 4-Wheel Drive, for example. This helps the 3025D maintain traction in adverse conditions and gives operators more control in the field. Additionally, the reliable gear-driven transmission provides optimum tractor performance. This transmission is built with heavy-duty components and is designed to ensure a rugged and durable machine that continuously offers high-quality results.

Power Meets Efficiency

The 3025D Compact Tractor utilizes a 24.7 HP Yanmar engine that helps provide the power needed to finish tasks efficiently, without requiring complex or large housing on the tractor. This helps keep the profile of the 3025D small, allowing optimal visibility and simple serviceability, helping make operators more efficient and saving them time and money. In addition to excellent visibility, the operator station is clean and comfortable. This means that crucial functions are simple to find and operate, with ergonomic solutions and critical safety features ensuring efficiency and maximum operator safety.

The 3025D Compact Tractor also features an optional iMatch™ quick-hitch feature. This innovative technology allows operators to switch between implements, wasting less time on transition quickly. This feature also is compatible with a wide variety of implements and attachments, giving the 3025D a more versatile utility base and allowing operators to use the tractor for more projects. Find out more about the 3025D Compact Tractor and get a quote online from your local C & B Operations location.

Quality Equipment from C & B Operations

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