For incredible power that comes with a small footprint, the 3038E Compact Utility Tractor by John Deere is the solution. This Compact Utility Tractor features the 1.56L liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel engine that outputs 36.7 HP. This engine utilizes the latest technology to optimize fuel economy, improve control, and reduce environmental impact. The Yanmar engine is also durable, saving operators the stress of constant service.

The 3038E Utility Tractor also features easy-to-use Hydrostatic transmission. This system increases the tractor’s performance by allowing infinitely variable speeds and for the operator to match the tractor’s speed to the job. Twin touch pedals give the 3038E an advantage over other Hydrostatic transmission machines on the market by reducing operator fatigue and making it easier to move incremental amounts for attaching implements or making fine movements.

Power, Comfort, and Durability

John Deere strives to create quality machines, and the 3038E is no exception. This Compact Utility Tractor has a clean and simple operator station to increase productivity. Clearly marked functions and a simple-to-use set of controls allow for reduced operator fatigue and quicker mastery of the machine. Additionally, the 3038E and the entire line of 3 Series Compact Utility Tractors have excellent serviceability. This allows for reduced costs when technicians need to be called and lets operators spend less time in the garage and more time getting projects done.

The 3038E Compact Utility Tractor has optional features that can take its power and productivity to the next level. A two-spool rear selective control valve provides superior implement performance from the 3038E. Additionally, the optional iMatch™ Quick-Hitch feature saves operators time when attaching and connecting implements. This feature also allows the 3038E to be compatible with a wider variety of implements, allowing operators to use the Utility Tractor on a wider variety of projects.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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