Designed with the consumer in mind, the John Deere 1025R tractor is both easy to use, affordable and versatile. With a John Deere 1025R, you can have a landscape tool, snow mover and a mower- all in one. The 1025R has a 23.9 HP², three-cylinder diesel engine that delivers responsive, efficient horsepower in just about any application. From clearing snow on a sidewalk or driveway to moving an acre of lawn to digging out a water feature or drainage ditch, this is your go-to machine!  With a 1025R and the related attachments, your options are endless.

Comfort & Ease

Featuring Twin Touch™ pedal controls and a hydrostatic transmission, you will have precise control with smooth directional changes with this machine. Gain extra traction with the four-wheel (4WD) and the differential lock system. These features combine to give the 1025R excellent maneuverability in all types of terrain and conditions. The 1025R features easy operation and a smooth ride.

Standard Features

Maintaining constant speed is as simple as pulling a lever with the standard cruise control. Keep your job in focus with two front-mounted sealed-beam headlights for working when the sun doesn’t. Stay relaxed with the tilt steering wheel that reduces fatigue and helps fit all body types. The added floor mat reduces vibrations and is easy to maintain. The toolbox and standard 12-volt outlet both create ease and convenience for your machine. Lastly, maintain consistency with the Position Control Hitch. This lowers the implement to the same position every time, taking the guesswork out of using your 1025R.

The Options

Do you need something that will take the chill out of the air? Check out the optional, factory-installed headed cab option for the 1025R. Create the perfect climate-controlled environment with heat and A/C, keeping you out of the elements. Just need a sunshade? Beat the rays with a canopy.

Whether you are clearing snow or moving dirt or gravel, a font blade is the tool for the job. Have precise control and extra torque when backfilling, with superior visibility to the trench and digging force by adding the backhoe implement. Master thick grasses with a rotary cutter, cutting thick grass, brush or weeds down to size.

What will you be using your John Deere 1025R to do? Talk to your local C & B team to see the full line up of attachments.