Get more done this season with less hassle thanks to the incredibly versatile and powerful X590 Lawn Tractor by John Deere. This machine features a 25.5-HP iTorque™ power system, and a V-Twin engine that has Electronic Fuel Injection. This helps to reduce stress on the machine overall, and extend the life of the parts to save you time and money on maintenance. The X590 Lawn Tractor also features the Accel Deep mower deck system in the 48-inch size. John Deere built this deck to lift grass as the mower goes over it, so that the blades get a more even and professional cut each pass, and save you time as you mow. 

The Accel Deep works with the MulchControl™ one-touch system for incredible versatility. This allows for operators to switch from side-discharging to mulching with the touch of a button, saving time and effort. This is especially helpful around landscaping and other sensitive areas of a lawn, allowing options for a professional look each and every time. 

John Deere Quality

The X590 Lawn Tractor by John Deere not only performs at the level that operators have come to expect from John Deere, but it also looks and feels the part. With a welded steel frame, this lawn tractor is extremely durable. Additionally, the modern styling of the X590 gives it a sleek, appealing look for your lawn. This Lawn Tractor is simple to use, ensuring easy operation from square one, no matter your experience level. The X590 has simple control panels with clearly marked critical functions for efficient operation. 

The X590 also has a hydrostatic transaxle that gives traction assist to provide quality turning and precise operation, for quality performance and increased operator safety. Another quality feature is the easy-open hood. This allows operators to easily access the engine to inspect oil levels. 

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

At C & B Operations, we know how it is out in the yard because we have the grass on our boots to prove it. C & B Operations has sold top-quality equipment to operators who are serious about getting the job done for years. C & B Operations stands behind the John Deere brand and continues to be a John Deere dealer because, like our customers, we have an unrelenting drive for quality. We provide only the best for your projects, to make sure you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. To find a C & B Operations location near you, visit our website or give us a call at 1.800.333.3658.