John Deere helps you win big with small grains thanks to the 1890 No-Till Air Drill. This Air Drill delivers a seeding solution that exceeds industry standards and operator expectations. This machine goes beyond just the nuts and bolts of quality, it delivers exceptional agronomic know-how and unsurpassed dealer support in all phases of production to keep you running. The 1890 No-Till Air Drill delivers the next-generation performance you need to help reach the full potential of each seed.

The 1890 achieves this level of performance thanks to the ProSeries™ Opener, John Deere’s most advanced opener for your seed and separate fertilizer placement. The seed press wheel is redesigned for reduced overall maintenance and has shifted the wear point to a replaceable part instead of the structure of the actual mechanics.

Efficiency Where You Need It

The 1890 No-Till Air Drill further provides efficiency to operators through the RelativeFlow™ blockage sensing. This allows operators to see the flow rate of both seed and fertilizer from inside the tractor cab. Sensors on all primary towers and secondary hoses monitor the relative product flow, giving you a better view of the flow rate of both seed and fertilizer from the cart to the opener from inside your tractor cab. This exclusive technology can help you identify any problems before potential blockage occurs.

This function pairs with John Deere Precision Ag technology to provide innovative solutions that help growers operate efficiently and with the confidence that they are doing everything possible for their fields. From Parallel Tracking™ to AutoTrac™, the 1890 No-Till Air Drill helps operators see the performance in real-time, and save time and money by helping them optimize with minimal downtime.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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