Do you have a large lawn or a small piece of land that you often need to spread fertilizer, weed control, and other products on to keep healthy? A 3-point sprayer may be just the tool for you to spray your property as quickly and accurately as you need to.

With equipment such as a Frontier LS2004 Liquid Spray on a Compact Utility Tractor, you will have a 45-gallon tank with a 10-foot folding boom at your disposal. The LS20 series of sprayers are quick hitch compatible to make hooking up as easy as possible so you can get working as fast as you need to. Once connected, connect your sprayer to the power supply of your tractor. After being fully connected, fill your tank with whichever chemical you need to use while following the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

Once filled and hooked up, you can deploy the boom arms, turn on the on switch, and get to work. If there are areas that need more precision or can’t be reached by the sprayer, use the spray wand with the 25-foot long hose to get the job done.

Once everything has been sprayed, you’re ready to detach and put away the sprayer until the next time you need it.

For more information or a video showing how to use the sprayer, click here.