Experience a better way to mow your lawn this summer with the Z535M ZTrak™ zero-turn mower by John Deere. This machine is equipped with incredible features to help you not only power through your to-do list, but enjoy doing it. One such feature is the incredible serviceability. Where most zero-turn mowers make it difficult to access critical functions, the Z535M has them close at hand for easy maintenance, saving you time and money. Additionally, the operator station is designed to maximize your productivity in the yard. Ergonomic features help you stay comfortable and focused, while storage slots and cup holders can keep you out longer. Finally, easy-to-use controls and a convenient fuel window make it easy to operate and care for this machine, for unrivaled operator satisfaction.

John Deere Durability

The Z535M packs a punch in the horsepower department, in addition to its convenient operator features. With a 25 HP V-Twin cyclonic engine, you get more done in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, the cyclonic system reduces filter maintenance and keeps your machine cleaner, extending the engine’s lifespan. Another feature of the Z535M is the operator’s cutting deck options. 48” or 52” Accel Deep™ cutting decks or a 62” Edge™ mowing deck. Each of these systems provides a precision cut with incredible efficiency. Finally, the Z535M has a larger set of rear wheels that provide traction, even in hazardous conditions. Visit your local C & B Operations dealer today to get your Z535M ZTrak zero-turn mower.

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