The 2330 Mulch Finisher provides incredible performance in burning reside and helping operators prepare their fields. The 2330 Mulch Finisher comes in a variety of working widths and configurations to match the horsepower and field requirements of operators. In addition to a variety of widths, the 2330 has options for different sweeps, disk spacing, and much more. This allows fine-tuning by operators in order to get the best possible results for their field’s soil conditions, weather, and any other determining factors. 

The 2330 also features the ProFinish™ leveling system. Depending on agronomic needs, producers have a choice of six rear harrow options on the 2330 Mulch Finisher. The different harrows provide options for operators in different soil conditions and field types. The rear hitch on this implement is additionally compatible with all 2330 configurations and harrow styles.

Technology For Better Results

The 2330 Mulch Finisher features a variety of systems from John Deere to help operators increase efficiency. One of those systems is the TruPosition™ standards. These standards provide 91 kg (200 lb) of trip force and enable producers to maintain a consistent sweep depth. A combination of spring pressure and pivot casting geometry minimizes side-to-side movement and provides the ultimate in soil profile and seedbed.

Additionally, the TruSet™ system provides operators with control in the cab to help them operate more efficiently. With a short window of time to perform tillage operations, TruSet™ can provide significant productivity improvements. This is because operators are able to adjust the mulch finisher with the push of a button. By responding to conditions as they change throughout the field, TruSet™ enables operators to generate better-quality tillage performance. 

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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