When your field needs residue handling capabilities combined with quality, durable construction, look no further than the 2430 Chisel Plow by John Deere. This plow offers different rear attachment options to meet the unique needs of each operator. The first is the knife-edge hydraulic rolling basket with an internal basket scrapper. This ProFinish leveling system helps to break apart clods of dirt in the field and provides a more even and level finished product after plowing. Finally, this basket can stay in the ground 100 percent of the time, as the knife-edge prevents clogging even in wet soil conditions. 

The second option is the 240 coil-tine chisel plow harrow. Harrow performance has grown increasingly important over the last few years. This is because soil profile finish and residue-handling capability are on the top of the list for producers. Both of these attributes are standouts on this heavy harrow.

Precise Control For Better Results

One of the most exciting features of the John Deere 2430 Chisel Plow is the TruSet™ Tillage technology. This technology helps the 2430 provide precise, accurate depth control. Precise depth control is very important for the conservation of moisture, fertilizer placement, and soil management. The ability to adjust to these conditions is extremely important to producers today. With TruSet, these adjustments can be done on the move, increasing productivity and making the day go easier for operators. Additionally, TruSet provides accurate and precise depth control by the use of individual wheel sensors and electronic circuitry to perform tasks of leveling and depth measurements unprecedented in the industry until now. The 2430 Chisel Plow displays accurate depths up to the nearest 2.5 mm (1/10 in.). To learn more about this incredible plow technology, visit the product page for full specifications and features.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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