For efficiency, power, and versatility in tillage, look no further than the 2633VT Vertical Tillage by John Deere. This efficient implement has the ability to adjust gang angle in order to create optimum tillage, and adapt to different soil and residue conditions. The 2633VT also has a variety of working widths that range from 20’9” up to 40’8” that help operators customize the implement to the needs of their field or fields.  

The 2633VT is built around efficiency. With operating speeds of up to 7-10 mph, operators can spend less time in the field. Additionally, the unique blade configuration on the 185-mm spacing optimizes one pass sizing and mixing, for a more efficient operation. 

A Better Finish Starts With Better Products

The 2633VT features a number of improvements to help operators finish with a smooth, level field in the spring and help to maximize residue burning and mixing in the fall. One of these features is the aggressive gang angle. This helps the 2633VT to create smooth, wavy lines for an ideal seedbed in the spring, and aggressively break up root balls, clods, and other obstructions in the fall. 

The Hydraulic fore-aft leveling enables operators to level the implement from the cab. This helps to keep a level seedbed at all times. The final piece of this package is the active hydraulic rolling baskets. These baskets can be controlled by operators to raise and lower depending on the soil conditions. Additionally, the knife-edge roller baskets help to create a smooth, level finish even in the thickest soil conditions. 

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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