For unparalleled performance when tilling your field this season, upgrade to the 2680H High-Performance Disk by John Deere. This tillage has incredible features to increase productivity, and help you bury residue and prepare your field for the coming season. The 2680H High-Performance Disk isn’t just a name. The implement can be pulled at 10-14 mph with the proper horsepower tractor, zipping through acres and acres of the field at high speeds. This saves operators time and allows for prioritization of other tasks.  

The 2680H also provides the variety that operators need to customize the implement to their tractor and their field. This tool is available in 15 different configurations, with a variety of widths and styles in order to provide the perfect solution for any field. The 4 different styles that are available are Integral three-point rigid models, one section drawn models, two-section drawn models, and three-section drawn models. 

Better Parts For Better Performance 

High-Performance doesn’t happen by accident. The 2680H High-Performance Disk has a simple shim system for simple operation and durable performance and customizable depth control. Simply adjust how many shims are present, replace the pin, and the implement is ready to go. The 2680H also has individually mounted blades with spring-loaded resets. This helps the implement hug the landscape and avoid any damage from rocks and other obstructions without slowing you down. 

The 2680H High-Performance Disk also comes with a variety of rear attachments to match the operation. Choose from a cage roller, spring roller, or rubber roller. Each implement matches with a task and gives operators the ability to tailor the implement to their needs even further.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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