Get your field ready and save time this season with the 714 Mulch Tiller by John Deere. The 714 Mulch Tiller helps operators incorporate residue cover into their field in order to prepare for next year’s harvest. Some of the features of the 714 Mulch Tiller include simple gang depth adjustment. This allows operators to easily mechanically or hydraulically adjust gang depth, saving them time. Operators can make hydraulic adjustments from the tractor seat. Operators can make mechanical adjustments at the front of the machine. 

In addition to depth adjustment, the 714 Mulch Tiller has a variety of standards available. The 714 Mulch Tiller has rigid standards for high-performance in fields with few obstructions. The spring-reset standard and the Tru-Depth standard are optional on all models and are made for medium to heavily obstructed fields, respectively. These standards feature technology that automatically resets or adjusts to avoid damage to the implement or other equipment when obstacles are encountered. 

Versatility and Durability

The 714 Mulch Tiller by John Deere provides operators and growers with the versatility, durability, and power to prepare fields more efficiently and reduce downtime. For instance, this implement features a 3-bar frame. This allows the 714 to match higher horsepower tractors, and handle heavier residue levels without breaking a sweat. The 714 Mulch Tiller additionally has a long, narrow hitch to help with maneuverability in tight headlands or around corners. 

Another feature of the 714 tiller is the variety of ground-engaging tools. This allows operators to customize the tiller to fit their exact conditions in the field. Operators can choose from chrome carbide point chisels, or concave twisted shovels, depending on the soil conditions and amount of residue cover that they are looking to tackle. 

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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