For a more advanced ripping experience while keeping the classic V-Formation, trust the quality and durability of the 915 V-Ripper by John Deere. This implement has a variety of frame sizes and standard configurations so operators can customize it to their needs. The 915 V-Ripper additionally has spring-loaded, shear-bolt coulter blades that slice through residue to minimize clogging in wet soil or heavy residue situations. The 915 has excellent residue-handling capacity in primary tillage at all residue levels, and the integral hitch provides excellent maneuverability to operators for unparalleled movement in the field. Finally, the 915 V-Ripper features dual gauge wheels that help the implement maintain a consistent ripping depth. 

Adjustable Depths For Performance In Any Field

The 915 V-Ripper has a two-position integral hitch to meet operator requirements in the field. This means that operators can connect this implement to 3-point hitch hookups for category 2, 3N, or 3 tractors. Operators can set the 915 V-Ripper’s hitch in two different positions: High and low. The high position sets the V-Ripper to a maximum depth of 23 inches. The low setting on the 915 V-Ripper allows ripping of up to 20 inches. 

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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