No matter the size of your field, the John Deere 975 Reversible Plow can help you prepare your field. This plow features a V-style mainframe that distributes weight for good penetration in the field. This mainframe is also high-strength for continuous performance in difficult terrains. The 975’s Frame consists of thick tubing designed to handle the stress of high-horsepower tractors working in tough ground conditions. Another feature of the 975 reversible plow is the ability of the plow to pivot in the field. The 975 reversible plow has one set of bottoms. This allows the hydraulic cylinders to reverse the moldboards laterally. The 975 offers configurations of up to 5 bottoms for custom implementation. This also allows the implement to take up less capacity from a 3-point hitch, require less ballast on the front of a tractor, and eliminate initial cost and service requirements for one complete set of standards and bottoms. 

The 975 Reversible Plow also comes with an integral on-land hitch system that provides excellent maneuverability and efficiency. This implement is compatible with 3/3N Quik-Coupler systems, allowing easy attaching and detaching. The rock shaft of the operator’s tractor controls the lifting/lowering of the plow, and this setup gives ample space between the plow and the tractor wheels. Finally, this hitch system allows for unparalleled maneuverability when turning and parking in tight areas. 

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