For quality ripping performance that lasts, trust the craftsmanship of the SR12 Series Frontier Shank Ripper. The SR12 Shank Ripper can easily attach to your current tractor or other equipment with an applicable hitch. This series, specifically the SR1201, is iMarch™ and Quick Hitch compatible to help operators spend less time switching implements and keeping them efficient in the field. 

The SR12 Series Shank Rippers also provide versatility to operators. Shank spacing on this implement is adjustable, so it can adjust to the needs of any field. (this function is available on the SR1203 only) Additionally, this implement comes with parking stands for ease of storage and easier attachment to your machine. 

Durability For Years To Come

The SR12 Series Frontier Shank Ripper has durability designed in its core. The SR12 shank ripper has heat-treated steel shanks. This increases durability and allows for shanks to break up even the most compacted soil while prolonging the life of the implement. No matter how solid shanks are built, though, obstructions happen. That’s why the SR12 series comes standard with shear bolts in order to protect shanks and tractors when the implement encounters an obstacle. 

The SR12 series additionally has replaceable shank points. This allows for simple maintenance, whether that is from a broken tip or needing replacement due to wear. Replaceable tips also extend the lifespan of the implement by keeping the edges fresh. 

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

At C & B Operations, we know how it is out in the field because we have the mud on our boots to prove it. We have been selling top-quality equipment to operators who are serious about getting the job done for years. C & B Operations stands behind the Frontier brand and continues to be a Frontier Implement dealer because, like our customers, we have an unrelenting drive for quality. We provide only the best for your projects, to make sure you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. To find a C & B Operations location near you, visit our website or give us a call at 1.800.333.3658