How to Hook Up a Standard Category 1  3-point Hitch

The 3-point hitch has become standard on today’s tractors. The standard 3-point hitch has 2 rigid lift arms with holes called draft links. First, you have to back up to the implement and line up the implement’s lift arm pins with the holes on the draft links. Then you hand guide the draft links onto the pins, secure them with lynchpins, and connect the top links.

How to Hook Up a 3 Point Hitch with Telescoping Draft Links

A 3-point hitch with telescoping draft links provides more flexibility in attaching an implement. You once again back up aligning your implements lift arm pins with the draft link holes on the hitch. You then remove the lock pin from the stabilizer bar, unlock the telescoping mechanism, and pull the draft links towards the pins. Once connected, insert the lynchpins, put the lock pin back in the stabilizer bar, and connect the top link. Once back in the operator station, back up the tractor until the lock lever snaps secures the draft links.

How to Hook Up Using a Quick Hitch

With an iMatch Quick Hitch, all you have to do is back up your tractor while focusing on the top hook of the quick hitch. As the bottom hook lines up with the left arm pins, you raise the implement and close the locking levers to secure it in place.


To find more information on making hooking up with a 3-point hitch easier, or to watch a video, click here.