Your tractor is a key tool in getting the work done around your operation or home. Whether you are using it daily or with just a few tasks, keeping up with your tractor’s maintenance is key in making sure it is always ready when you are. 

There are tractor maintenance guidelines in the Operator’s Manual but there are certain checkpoints that should be noted along the lifespan of your machine. 

  1. Read your Operator’s Manual and know where you store it. Having this tool at the ready will help you know more about any challenges as they come up. It is a good idea to glance through it annually to keep the information fresh in your mind as well. 
  2. Check the engine after not using it for a bit. It’s common practice for small animals, rodents, birds, etc to seek shelter in the engine compartment to stay warm. 
  3. Clean your radiator and all its screens using compressed air. Help your machine eradicate heat by keeping the screens clear. If a screen is clogged, it can cause unnecessary wear and tear. After extra dirty tasks, this is especially important. Dust, hay and the like can pose extra risk if not properly cleaned off the screens after use. It’s important to regularly clean these. Do not operate your machine without the screens in place. 
  4. Keep an eye on your wheels. Do yourself a favor and periodically check and tighten your tractor’s wheel bolts (lug nuts). Save yourself a potential headache. 
  5. Don’t mix grease formulations. When different formulas are mixed together, you could be introducing a potential problem. Staying consistent with grease formulations helps make sure the lubricant is doing its job. 
  6. At the appropriate time, add a winterize/antigel product to the tractor fuel tank. Before freezing weather is anticipated, take this extra step to keep your tractor running. Without this, your fuel can thicken up and cause issues when starting your tractor. Take this time as a reminder to also check your engine coolant mixture too. At all times, make sure to let your engine cool down before you remove your radiator cap or coolant reservoir cap. 
  7. Keep your cab clean. Make sure that you are able to clearly see out the cab windows and properly utilize any mirrors. Help prevent accidents by always making sure that you can properly see the task at hand. 

At C & B, our dedicated service technicians are always ready to help service your machines, but keeping up with maintenance at home can mean time and cost savings for your operation. For advice or questions, stop in your local C & B to see how we can serve you or give your local store a call.