The 9370R Tractor is the smallest of the John Deere 9 Family, but it still can get the job done. With a powerful, 370 HP engine, this tractor can handle pulling your equipment with ease, while saving you on gas from the larger models. The PSS 9.0L engine also meets tier-4 emission requirements, ensuring this machine runs clean and puts minimal stress for less maintenance. When the 9370R does need a checkup, the easy service points of the 9 family tractors are quick and easy to check, so you can decrease downtime and worry less about performance in the field. Here are more exciting features of the 9370R and the 9 family of John Deere Tractors.  

Technological Advances  

John Deere builds machines with operators and efficiency in mind. The technological advances of the 9370R show this attention to detail. The CommandVIew™ III cab offers the latest in machine management technology and operator comfort. With ergonomic controls, adjustable seats, and a full HVAC system available, John Deere has created the most comfortable ride you have ever experienced while working.   

The 9370R Tractor by John Deere is also revolutionizing durability and tractor life. With the JDLink™ services and Service ADVISOR™ diagnostic systems, operators can remotely monitor the condition of their machines. This also helps identify problems before they start, reducing downtime. As an optional feature on the 9 Family Tractors, a high-flow hydraulic system can be installed, ensuring implements like air seeder fans and planter motors don’t put a high strain on hydraulic pumps, keeping their temperature low and therefore helping the parts on your 9370R Tractor last longer.  

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations  

There is a reason that green is synonymous with quality in agriculture. The 9370R Tractor by John Deere is just one example of the superior craftsmanship and quality manufacturing of the John Deere 9 Family tractors. These machines are built to maximize uptime and optimize your productivity, giving you a competitive edge in the field. Don’t go to work without it!  

At C & B Operations, we have been selling top-quality equipment to producers who are serious about getting the job done for years. We stand behind the John Deere brand and continue to be a John Deere dealer. Because, like our customers, they have an unrelenting drive for quality. We provide only the best of the best for your fields. So that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. To find a C & B Operations location near you, visit our website or give us a call at 1.800.333.3658.