You may have taken a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle out for a spin before, but you’ve never experienced it like you will on the latest 800 Series Gators. Behind the wheel of one of our RSX860 High-Performance Utility vehicles, you’ll be ready to tackle almost anything.

The 800 Series Gators are the ultimate combination of fast, powerful and comfortable. They can take you just about anywhere you want to go in record time, whether it’s over the hills or through the woods. We can let you in on a little secret about that, too… these 800 Series Gators are the first High-Performance Utility Vehicles to ever use a motorcycle engine. Yeah, you read that right. A motorcycle engine. No wonder it moves the way it does!

The power steering option helps out with the maneuverability, too. It’s engineered with an anti-kickback system so you can take those off-road turns like they’re nothing at all. These Gators even have a fully sealed CVT drive case and high engine and CVT intakes, so you can cross over those streams on the trails without thinking twice.

Simply taking a seat in a new 800 Series Gator is an experience in itself. The cockpit features a colorful LCD screen with easy-to-read alerts and other information. It has a hardy cargo box, accessible glove box, center console storage, and plenty of under-hood storage. The seats are comfortable with ample legroom, two big cupholders and a 12-volt outlet for your devices.

The best part about the John Deere RSX860 Gators is the versatility. It really is designed to do so much more than either work or play. For many of us, life just isn’t that simple. Maybe your day includes work, play, hauling, hunting, gathering, camping, exploring, all of the above or any combination of the above. These beastly Gators can take on all of it.

Speaking of hauling, these Gators can carry a surprising amount of weight. They have 1200-pound towing capacities and 800-pound payloads. And if all that storage space still isn’t enough for you, you can use the 20 tie downs that come with it. With 1200 pounds of towing, you could pull a grand piano and still have room to spare.

As much as you get with the standard RSX Gators, you have the option to power up even more with available options. For one thing, you can opt for RSX embroidered sports seats with contoured cushions and side bolsters. With the FOX 2.0 Performance Series Shocks, you get full compression and spring preload adjustment. Nerf bars add additional rock-slider protection to your doors and frame, while the alloy wheels and radials make for a great looking ride and extreme terrain capability.

If you want to learn more about what the John Deere RSX 800 Series Gators have to offer, stop by one of our C & B Operations locations. Our experts can show you around the Gators and answer any questions you might have. We hope to see you soon!