The XUV560E S4 is the perfect solution for when you need more capacity without sacrificing any power. John Deere created this machine for incredible performance with up to 3 passengers and one driver. The air-cooled V-Twin engine outputs 16 HP, allowing 500 lb of cargo capacity and 1200 lb of total payload. The XUV560E S4 can haul a work crew and your equipment to a worksite with no problems. Additionally, this machine can get you there faster. With a top speed of 28 MPH, and independent four-wheel suspension, you can cruise over even the roughest terrain without breaking a sweat. Find out what else the XUV560E S4 Crossover Utility Vehicle by John Deere has in store for your operation, below. 

Comfort Without Sacrificing Durability

John Deere created the XUV560E S4 Crossover Utility Vehicle with operator comfort and convenience in mind. The operator station has excellent accessibility, with a simple instrument panel with backlit dials and optional speedometer. This machine has a convenient, sealed under-hood storage for moisture and dust-sensitive cargo. The XUV560E S4 also has ergonomic seats, cup holders, and an easily-accessible glove compartment for storage. The cargo box is just as equipped as the operator station. The cargo box is durable and has a convertible rack that offers additional cargo volume, and customizable options allow you to tailor the XUV560E S4 to your needs. Manual tilt levers make carrying and removing heavy loads easier. Additionally, the tailgate has convenient pivot points and the gate can be removed entirely for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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