The Z955M EFI ZTrak zero-turn mower has the power to help you complete your projects, and the technology to do it smarter. The mower deck of the Z955M features spindle construction for durability. These spindles are crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum and help you increase performance and reliability. This mower also features a 27 HP Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gas engine, to help you power through even the toughest turf. EFI engines also provide more consistent starts as well as higher fuel efficiency. Additionally, this zero-turn mower has Mulch On Demand™ feature available. This allows operators to switch from mulching to side-discharge at the pull of a lever. This keeps grass clippings out of landscaping and where you want them, giving your lawn a professionally-cut look. Find out what else the Z955M EFI ZTrak zero-turn mower has to offer below.

Superior Durability

One of the features on the Z955M EFI ZTrak zero-turn mower is the Michelin® X® Tweel® airless radial tires. This technology from Michelin® is an industry first and helps your mower make fewer ruts across newly mowed turf. Plus, never worry about having to change a tire in the middle of a mow again. The Z955M EFI also boasts a 7-Iron™ Pro mowing deck. This deck is crafted to give you an edge, with professional cutting attachments and a Mulch On Demand™ feature for professional control without having to stop mowing. Buy your Z955M EFI ZTrak zero-turn mower from C & B Operations today!

Quality Equipment From C & B Operations

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